Friday, August 13, 2010

Derby Family......You Cant Pick Your Family, Or Can You?

I am finally starting to feel like I am doing ok with derby, I am keeping up with the pack and even pulling off an assist here and if I could just get my timing right for hits! My assessment makeup is coming up and I feel pretty confident, really the only thing I think I might have some trouble with are those darn 25 laps in 5 minutes. I did recently get grippier wheels (since when I bought my skates the salesperson didnt tell me there was a difference in wheels other than color..and I got the slickest wheels for a super slippery floor, blast) the wheel change shaved 20+ seconds off my time the very first time I skated with said wheels....atleast im in the 5 minute zone...I think I can pull it off when the assessments come, and if I dont, I will keep working hard.. it will come.

In other derby news, CNY Roller Derby League is growing and expanding so fast, I feel like I have seen so much improvement in team work in the past couple of months. Another newbie class starts in September and I am so stoked to see and meet new folks that wanna skate!

I recently spoke with an old friend in Michigan who wants me to move back there, and my only thought is that I wanna stay here to play derby....seriously with the 9 months of winter, derby is all that is keeping me in Central NY...and most of that is my derby family. I fear if I moved anywhere and decided to pick up where I left off with derby, would I ever find a group of people like the ones I currently skate with? Im not trying to be cheesey or brag, I am just trying to get an idea of how other leagues are, because I feel absolutely blessed to skate with these folks.

If we arent skating together we are having BBQ's at a league members house or camp(where atleast 3 people think to bring a vegan dish for me and Jessi); or we are making plans to go to an amusement park with all the derby kids; planning movie nights and pool parties; and soon we will all be putting on our best clothes to be a part of two members wedding ceremony....these are just some of the great things we have done as a league this summer, and I feel like I have a huge family that adores me and is there for me. When I am down, dont you know one of the ladies will surely drop off a sappy movie right to my doorstep, as I slomp outside in my sweatpants with snot all over my shirt sleeve.

What are some things you do with your league? Are you close knit or purely skaters who share the love of the sport? Have any sappy stories about your new best derby friend? Did you marry a ref, or ref your current wife? I guess a lot of this is curiosity, some is nosiness and some is wondering if I could ever leave Central New York again.....

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Beth said...

I'm so bummed I miss all the things you guys did this summer. I totally wish I could've been there. I've been missing CNYRD as a whole since I moved to AZ and I still haven't joined a league out here. I've met some of the derby girls here and have heard a lot of drama in the various leagues. I don't feel that when it comes to me joining a league here it's not going to be as close knit as CNYRD is. I love you and miss you guys dearly and have even cried over it. It's great to hear that you're improving. I remember skating with you on the very first day and neither of us was the best skater. But my favorite thing was watching us improve week by week. Wish I could see you skate now.

Mega Beth