Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Derby Does It Better!

After all the sweat and hard work...hard hits and trash talking, what better fun than getting our dance on together! 

Sometimes I still find myself double taking at everyone dancing and having a good time after all the rough and tumble on the track, I guess because my only other exposure to sports was highschool where we were supposed to absolutely loathe the visiting teams. 

For someone who doesnt drink I still have an absolute much so that people assume I am in fact drunk...must be my fancy footwork!  Proof that you dont have to drink to have fun, and not all derby dames dabble in the booze.

I really wish we had photos of some of our dance off, because Jess-bot (above photo with camo pants) is an awesome dancer, and Im not just saying that cause I love her!  We are hoping to have a sick danceoff for a half time show at some point in the future, between Jess-bot and Secret Asian Man....and whomever else is interested!

This was a super special after party because we had a visitor from across the big pond.  One of Little Bastards best pals, Trash Gash, came for a visit and got down with the league.  Trash Gash plays for Romsey Town Rollerbillies, while she was visiting she got the chance to strap on her skates and roll around by merch at our bout against CT Rollergirls.  She fit in instantly and there have been talks of us making a trek across the pond for a bout.....I best pass my assessments by then!

Thanks to one of our newest newbie graduates for the photos!!!  See more here
I feel like the after party is the reward for all of the hard work and hard skating that goes into a bout.  We generally start setting up in the morning and party late into the night....then Sunday morning we are up early to clean up and skate all over again.....

Our next bout is September 19th at JFK Arena in Rome, NY against Assault City Roller Derby!  That is our final bout of the year, so if you havnt had time to come out....the clock is ticking!

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