Monday, August 16, 2010

August 14, 2010 bout recap CNY Roller Derby and The Quadfathers took on Connecticut

Now that I have had a couple days to recover from all the excitement and dancing at the after bout party, I can attempt to recap some of the night!

This was a double header with the local man-derby team The Quadfathers making their bout debut against Connecticuts Death Quads.  Having skated for months with a lot of these men, I was very excited to see them finally get their chance to skate!

The mens bout was pretty close the entire time, and definitley much different than watching the women.  I dont exactly know how to describe the differences,  one main difference I do notice...the men love to jump.  Jump and hit each other, jump over each other, jump entire turns on the track etc.

No wonder our coach, Die-lon (pink shorts), who also plays for The Quadfathers, has us do so many of those darn jumping/hopping drills.  I hate him for them every time, until its over with and I realize how much it helps.

The final score for the men was 113 to 96, Death Quads.  Leaving both the fans and the men wanting more!

Our very own Rebel Without A Pulse adding a bit of grace and theatrics to his trip to the penalty box!

All photos used in this blog post are from Ramon Aiello of
To see more photos from the mens bout:
Ramon Aiello
Vicki Fazio Hopper

After a short break the women of The Utica Clubbers started warming up alongside The Yankee Brutals from CT Roller Girls. 

 I find myself overwhelmed with excitement when I watch my derby family skate together, it solidifies the true love we all have for each other and the sport, in my mind. 

After missing the last bout against Lehigh Valley (which I am still kicking myself over) I was wound up and ready to scream and holler at this bout.  But alas, I am an NSO and have to keep it all business.

 In keeping it all business, I have the best spot in the house, right on the track!

I feel like all of the drills and things we have been working on at practice are really falling into place and being used.  We kept a pretty steady lead throughout most of the bout, with a possible record number of grand slams for The Utica Clubbers in one bout.

This was one of those bouts where my eyes didnt leave the track for even a second, until the final whistle blew.

 Final score 86 to 35, The Utica Clubbers.

 Directly after the bout and lap around the track, the MVP's are chosen.  Each team chooses who they think deserves MVP from the other team.  The winner gets a skate trophy made of recycled Utica Club beer cans made by our very own Chiropractor.  Moody Obsession was chosen for The Utica Clubbers and Paula G. IMnaughty was chosen for The Yankee Brutals.

As always thanks to the refs and NSOs, some of the refs skated with the men and refereed for the women, what a night!  Good thing we always have an awesome after party at Delvecchios in Rome, NY!

To see more photos from the womens bout:
Ramon Aiello
Vicki Fazio Hopper
Pete Rodriguez

Someday I will take a break from being an NSO at a bout so I can scream and hollar for my derby family!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's illegal to block unless you have at least one skate on the ground. A jump block or "flying squirrel" is a great way to get yourself a major penalty.

Leaping the apex can be a smart way to break the pack. It's also a great way to get yourself a cutting major (if you land on the infield) or an OOB/OOP major.