Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skating Outdoors

It's as though I strapped on my skates and stepped into a whole new reality.....well I didnt just strap on my skates I put on some wheels a teammate gave me, designated them outdoor wheels, and flopped onto the hot cement....trailing behind friends who already had their outdoor cherries popped!

Being outside with your skates on is great, it really is....but it is something that you have to get used to.  Lets talk about tree shrapnel, well, its everywhere.  It has been storming here a lot lately, and the tree shrapnel really slows down a virginial skater.  Lets think about it for a moment tho, if you can skate through tree branches, twigs, leaves, carcasses of dandelions, etc....  could you pretty much skate anywhere? 

Also, skating outdoors, there are hills outdoors, DUH, try stopping outside, see how well you do with all the debris everywhere....can we say, holy practicing your plow stop batman?  Another great thing about these little field trips, skating outdoors you are generally going straight giving me personally a great opportunity to practice picking up both of my darn feet!  I favor my right knee, which means at first I never ever picked up my left foot....I have gotten worlds better with it, but theres always room for imrpovement and I think skating outdoors might be another boost in the right direction.

Aside from skating outdoors for the first time this week, another fresh meat class has begun, we are calling them "club scouts".....we had a great turnout, so friggin exciting.  We went around the circle and said our name, our derby name (for the non club scouts) and why we chose our name.  As dorky as it may sound it was the first time explaining my name, or saying it out loud really, I finally feel like I am almost part of the league if I can just get to the assessments without another deadly cold! 

One of our awesome players "Chiropractor" makes stickers, shirts, etc for many people in the league, so I asked about making some helmet stickers for me, she said yes and they were ready the next day!!!  BADASS!!!

I totally flaked and forgot to ask her to make me a sticker of my number and one that says CNYRD (Central New York Roller Derby), but that can wait, I wont be bouting for some that I am held back a bit and have to wait for my assessments, this time can be used to work on things I know I need help in, and work hard hard hard so when the time comes, I nail the assessments!!!

The other night at practice, well open skate for the Club Scouts, I talked to my derby big sister about her skills at skating backwards (she makes it look so friggin easy!) and she helped me with it a bit.  Before I was basically just standing there backwards with a goofy look on my face when they told us to skate backwards, now I am getting it, slowly but surely.  Thanks Sic Lee Twist3d, you have super backwards skills, and are a really patient and compitent teacher!!  Now if I can just turn around like my big derby sis, I will be golden!

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