Monday, May 17, 2010

OUCH!!!!!!!! Pads and Helmets?

Why do roller derby players wear so many darn pads and a helmet?  Why dont they just tough it out and be super brutal and not care?  Well, I will show and tell you why........

My partner in crime doesnt play derby with me, she is already broken from what she calls a "rugged lifestyle"

This rugged lifestyle involves absolutely outright refusing to wear pads or helmets when biking or do anything we like to do together.  For me, this is a huge issue, she is always getting hurt and more broken.  So after fighting and fighting about helmet and pads, I finally gave up....she's gonna do what she wants to do!

She has recently bought herself a pair of rollerblades, so she can skate with me on occassion.  Yesterday was one such day, we had a potluck that only had one attendee, just so happened to be a fellow derby gal, so we decided to get outside and skate.  We hit up a park super close to our house, so excited at the prospect of such a close skate spot, sucked!  There was something about that particular pavement that every single stone I hit with my skate made me almost tumble forward on my we moved on, across the city, to an old actual skate park.  The city took it away, must have looked like people were having too much fun there, I dont know the story I just know that it looked like a sweet spot to skate.  We got there and it was heaven on wheels compared to the park by our house, minus a little broken glass and some random unevenness of the pavement. 

My derby pal and I were laying in the grass enjoying the beautiful day when danger queen decided to get back up and skate a bit.....I was getting there, but slowly.  Danger queen, also known as Jessi or Jessbot, wasnt even goofing around, wasnt even going fast.....and down she goes.  I sit there still putting on my skates, slow as a turtle in April....shes still down, I am thinking she is just joking...shes a jokester...we finally get over to her, and her hand is already swelling up.  She proceeds to tell us that she is fine and wants to keep skating, she skates around a couple more times....then tells me it hurts bad, but she refused to go to the hospital until we go to her favorite local place for a vegan sandwhich!  Which in retrospect, great idea...we spent over 3 hours at the hospital!!  Glad she insisted upon eating first, or we would have been even crabbier at the ER.

Jessbot is always getting hurt, its her trademark, I believe.  She is always goofing off, but only gets hurt when she is being serious or careful or not doing anything dangerous.  It is very odd!  Apparently she fractured a bone in her wrist, and severely sprained her wrist, she is in a cast and now matches a fellow member of our derby league who 2 weeks ago at a bout broke his wrist!!! 

Moral of the story????  Wear your gear, even if you are just skating around your driveway...because you can fall hard when you are barely skating and hurt dont wanna be out of derby, or have a sad face like Jessbot!!!
Ironically, now that Jessbot is all bandaged up, she says she wants to get pads and a helmet.....I am not one to say, "I told ya so"


jjaderlund said...

So...which hand is it? The "Spice" or the "Girls"?

Holistically Heather said...

i believe its the girls hand hahaha

Anonymous said...

She's just spicy now... unless she's already taken the cast off.