Friday, May 14, 2010

My legs are on FIRE!!!

I hate posting and having no pictures, so maybe Ill dig through some photos and post something ridiculous.....

Last nights practice was AWESOME, we started out with our usual warm ups, which included some backwards skating....and I am happy to say that I dont just stand there with a silly look on my face anymore!!!  Then we did a drill a lot like the pyramid drill, we were split into 2 teams, fast and faster.  ( I was on the fast team, haha that sounds good to say, even though it is clearly actually the slow team haha)  Taking turns, each team would skate, 5 laps, but SPRINTING, going as fast as they could.  Then the other team, then the next time 4, then 3, all the way down to one, and back up to give.  Let me tell you, my legs were on fire after this drill.  But I finished the drill, even though I was the slowest of the FAST!  What a brutal drill, but its great for endurance, I say....BRING IT ON!!!

Next we worked on a new drill, with bandanas, 2 jammers chase after about 10 blockers, and which ever jammer gets the most bandanas out of the blockers pants wins.  It goes on for 2 minutes like a jam, and once your bandana is stolen you become an obstacle on the track.  This was a fun drill as well, really makes you work on your "fancy footwork" Which I must note that I dont have much of....fancy footwork that is....

Then we scrimmaged, and this practice was the first time I felt like I really kept up with the pack and wasnt just there to be there.  Bam Bam Thunderjam cheered me on the entire time and it felt great, hearing her yell at me to get to the front really helped.  Being in a scrimmage situation and not really knowing what the hell you are doing, a bit of direction from a teammate makes a world of difference!!!  If I could just get the timing right for booty blocking, hitting etc.  We did a pace line drill to work on hip hits or whatever they are called and I missed everyone with my booty.....bad timing?  Do I think my booty is bigger than it is?  Or am I still a bit timid about knocking people around?  Who knows, but I will figure it out, and will be throwing my booty at my friends in no time!

Jessi dressed up for the last bout we were at "Mama said knock you out!!!!"

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