Thursday, May 6, 2010

Assessments and Allergies

Naturally my assessments were this past Tuesday, after a week of allergies so bad I didnt go to 3 practices (I am not one to skip practice)  So I showed up to assessment, strapped on my skates and tested the waters...well the water was icy cold and miserable.  I skated about 3 times around the track before I was completely winded and ready for bed.

This is a very frustrating thing when you work so hard at something, but I tried to be ok with it and stayed to watch my classmates take their assessments and do a wondeful job!  Besides, I can take mine again in two months, and you better believe the week before hand I will be OD'ing on Echinacea!!  All of my fellow newbies did a phenominal job and I was proud of them as I know they will proud of me when I take mine this summer.

Derby is one of those things, you start and you instantly are made to feel like family, atleast in our league anyway.  From the day you are recruited, to your first really bad fall, all the way to your assessment test.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and it is just awesome!   

Naturally, today, just 2 short days after assessments, I feel worlds better, though still not great....and still not well enough to be assessed.  I will go to practice tonight and do as much as I possibly can, and watch everyone prepare for the bout this Saturday! 

This Saturday is a first for our league, a double header with the man folk!!!  This is going to be such an amazing bout, with half time entertainers, live bands, and as usual an awesome after party with tons of dancing!  The league has even chartered buses to take people from The Tramontane Cafe in Utica, NY to the arena where the bout is being held in Rome, NY.  Pretty sweet, and hopefully encourages people to take the bus instead of drinking and driving, thats a win win in my eyes! 

Dont forget this weekend is Mother's Day, and moms get a free raffle ticket when they bring their kids and show that they are moms!  Celebrate Mother's Day, bring her to the bout and show her an awesome time, maybe even convince her to join our next recruitment! 

As for me....I will be wearing a white shirt and doing NSO (non skating official) work again at this bout...Yes, that's right, I said white.....fat girl in a white shirt.....this must be some sort of fresh meat hazing!!!

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