Wednesday, April 7, 2010


For the homeopener of our league I signed up to do some NSO (non skating official) stuff, which was kind of nerve wracking as I didnt have a clue what was in store for me.  It was all very well planned, I was even given a print out explaining to me exactly what I had to do, sweet!  I was an outside penalty tracker, the only down side was that I had to wear a white shirt.  ICK......Big women do not appreciate being told they have to wear white, atleast not this big woman!   I am so sad to say that there are no photos of me in my marshmellow attire.

I had only been to 2 roller derby bouts in the past, one last season in the same space, and the one we traveled to see in Vermont.  I am totally in love with the NSO part of things, I was basically right on top of the action, and I got to see things and learn a little bit here and there.  I was also schooled on something called a grand slam, which I didnt know existed in roller derby, one of our jammers, Gutshot, got 3 grand slams in a row during a jam.  Pretty awesome to watch, and something new I learned about derby.

I am so excited to get my act together and be able to fully be a part of such an awesome league of women.  The final jam of the night, Hot Cakes, jammed for the first time for The Utica Clubbers, and did a fantastic job....but this is where I learned something else...the announcer announced the bout was over, so a lot of skaters were confused by that because during a bout, if you are in a jam and the clock time runs out, you finish the jam......good to know!!  Hot Cakes did great, and theres even video of that action!  Hot Cakes first jam!!!

There are some great shots of the bout by a few different photographers:
Photographs by Ramon Aiello
Photographs by Duane Isenberg
Photographs by Rob Perry

One of our incredibly talented Utica Clubbers makes some cool Utica Club Beer Can Skate Trophies, and each time one is awarded to a player from each team whom the other team saw as MVP.  The Hellions of Troy selected Slay West as our MVP, and The Utica Clubbers chose Julietta Vendetta.  This was a great home opener to watch, and I cant wait to go to the next bout, which is April 24, the debut of our B team The Blue Collar Betties!  There was an interview by someone from Sports Illustrated Magazine done after the bout, you can read that here
What do roller derby teams do after a bout?  Why of course they go out together, make friends, play nice and dance.  We danced well into the night and had an absolute blast, I cant wait for the next bout, and the next dance party to follow!  What I really cant wait to do, is get good enough for my first bout.  Good luck to The Blue Collar Betties, many of them are bouting for the first time April 24th, and we know they will do great!

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André C Monteiro said...

Hey great video! go go Utica Clubbers! hehe :) cheers.