Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looky Looky Who Received Some Cookies!

There is nothing better than opening a box that came in the mail and finding 2 big huge vegan cookies from ABC ( Alternative Baking Company) 
I just so happen to love cookies, well snacks of all kind really, so when a company sends me something for review and I can put it in my pie hole, I am a happy lady. 
Jessi loves lemon poppyseed cookies, and apparently these are her favorite as she barely made a peep as soon as she had her half of the cookie in her hand.  After she anihilated the entire cookie she said " Its like an explosion of lemony goodness in my mouth, these are my all time favorite lemon poppyseed cookies!"

Ive never been a fan of fruit infiltrating the unhealthy goodness that is a cookie, but I was very pleasantly suprised, these cookies are delicious.  The lemon flavor isnt overpowering and is complimented nicely with the poppyseeds. 
The other cookie was a deliciously moist chocolate chip cookie, that we wolfed down with some chocolate hemp milk......this is what snacks/dreams are made of.  I love chocolate, I love chocolate chip cookies, and this one was great!  Soft, chewy, just absolutely delicious.  Now that I have gushed over these cookies maybe they will send me a lifetime supply, hah just kidding, I really do love these cookies.  Great for the newly vegan, proof you dont have to give up a darn thing to be vegan!  xoxo

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