Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy Guacamole

Ever wonder what to do with those darned expensive avocados you bought then forgot about?  Other than throw them in the compost heap and count your losses you can rescue those turning brown little buggers.  What I like to use them for is a nice facial mask, especially if I have had an awful day or I feel crappy, its soothing and makes me feel fancy.  Im not sure if it will remove makeup, I am the au natural type, but you can try that too.  Mush up your brownish greenish excuse for a fruit, and rub it all over your face and neck....Make sure to ALWAYS rub your face upwards and in circles, dont help gravity do its job, make gravity work for it!!!!!! 
So after your face is covered in brown green goo, let it sit for like 20 minutes, I usually internet dweeb it up while my face is drying.  Then rinse with warm water, after you rinse all of the avocado off of your face, give a quick rinse with cold water to seal your pores, I do this after I wash my face everyday.  You clean with warm water because it opens up those pores so you can get the guk and yuck out.  Then once you are so fresh and so clean clean you zap your pores with cold to close them up and keep them clean for as long as possible.   Whether you have oily or dry skin avocado is great for your skin, as we age, even tho our skin may appear oily, we are starting to lose oil.  That is why so many older people have cracked dry hands and skin.  I also put coconut oil on my skin after a shower, it soaks right into your skin, smells awesome, and keeps you baby butt soft! 
Now that you are all soft and pretty, go out on the derby track and kick some butt, get sweaty and greasey and start all over again!

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