Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buzz Buzz

The Blue Collar Betties had a phenominal first bout and did a great job!  I cannot remember the final score, but the Corporal Punishers of New Jersey took it!  Congrats, Punishers! 
I felt like a proud little sister watching the women I have been skating with for a couple of months finally get a chance to play.  They did great and all seemed to want more more more after they got their first bout under their belts.  In August The Blue Collar Betties go away to take on the Corporal Punishers in New Jersey!  It was also a sad night, as one of our women is going off to college, she was given a bouquet of flowers, and a teary eyed fairwell.  We will all miss you so much "Rage Against Marie"!!  She says she will come to bouts and be back when grad school is through, and I sure hope it happens! 

I have recently felt a break in my skating, when we moved to the concrete floor I feel like I fell backwards a month of skating...but now I feel like I have jumped (2 skates in the air) forward!!!  I can do crossovers now, and I successfully did my first full contact scrimmage at the last practice....mesmorizing a fellow player with "dat booty"  We have also been heading out to Black Mamba in Syracuse and skating even more, which is awesome because when you go on weekdays it is practically abandoned.....no little kids for me to worry about ploping my fat ass on!
Newbie assessments are coming up, and I am pretty sure I wont pass the first time, but that is ok with me since I have worked so hard....even coming close to passing will make me happy! 

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