Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Collar Betties

Their uniforms are almost set, they have been practicing their butts off and now it is almost time for the Blue Collar Betties skating bout debut!!!  This Saturday at JFK arena in Rome, NY The Blue Collar Betties take on the Corporal Punishers..and I cant friggin wait!

I will again be oh so marshmellow like, clad in a white t-shirt sure to make any confident curvacious woman feel awful about herself, and Jessi will be debuting her new cheerleading outfit, made by me just for Blue Collar Betties bouts!  I want to keep Jessis outfit secret until the unveiling, so tough cookies until after the bout!!!  I never want to say good luck, and I hate the saying break a leg when it comes to a full contact I am totally open to suggestions...Maybe, KICK SOME ASS LADIES!!!

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