Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Assessments make an ass out of you and me!

Well, I hear that our newbie assessments are coming up very soon, and that horrifies me.  But atleast it will show me what I still have to work on and improve.  Yesterdays practice was a scrimmage of our B team The Blue Collar Betties vs. Assault City, and even though I am not ready to scrimmage I went along to support the ladies.  I even learned a new aspect of NSO stuff, Jessi and I did the penalty box time keeping.  Now let me tell you, that's where all the action is.  All of the talking and getting reved up happens right there in the penalty box, I wonder if I will be spending a lot of time there?  We shall see.....
Both teams did great, and from where I was I didnt see a final score but Assault City took this scrimmage, I know that much!  It was over so fast, thats the only thing that bums me out about roller derby, that it ends!!!  I am always wanting more, needing more really.  I cant wait until tomorrow night when I can strap on my skates again and head to another advanced practice.  Sure, I am not ready for some of the drills, but atleast I can skate around the practice and work on the things I know I need to improve.  I think I finally have crossovers under my belt, they arent perfect, they arent pretty, but they are mine and they are slowly improving. 
Last night I must have been excited about derby when I went to bed, because I set my alarm for PM instead of AM for today and I got to my pilates class right on time ( I HATE being on time, I need to be early and all setup)  Class was ok, but I hated waking up and going right there, not even an orange to eat before I left.  Then Jessi and I spent the day walking and hiking through the woods, along the railroad tracks and all over the place it is time for some relaxation and hopefully a good nights sleep.

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