Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Trip To Vermont For A Roller Derby Bout

We decided it was high time we blow this pop stand for a while, and we had perfect timing for a bout in Vermont. The Utica Clubbers took on the Green Mountain Derby Dames this past Saturday in Essex Junction, VT.
Before we left for the bout we hit up the St. Patrick's Day parade and walked with CNY Roller Derby handing out free season tickets, bout schedules and can cozies! It was freezing and a lot of fun, some of the women did the parade on skates.....I didnt think I was exactly ready for that so I used my human feet. It was a lot of fun and even my kid sister came along to help out, you can view photos by Marc Goldberg here

After a cold windy parade (it was supposed to rain, so honestly we lucked out) we jumped in the truck, dropped my sister off at her house and headed to Vermont. Apparently not soon enough because we got held up by a ferry that wasnt running, a bridge that was demolished, and by the time we found a ferry to take us across the lake, we missed half of the bout. WAH WAH. We finally got there, and found The Utica Clubbers, took our seats behind them and cheered them on as they took on the Green Mountain Derby Dames. I attempted to take photos at the bout, but after one shot with my crappy camera I gave up. You can see why.....
After the bout we found it to be best to follow some friends with gps on over to the after party. We hung out a while, I visited with an old friend who is originally from Utica but moved to Vermont, which was nice. Then we left and followed people back to the motel, everyone stayed at the motel next to ours, which was fine, I was too tired to hang out too hard anyway. We also hadnt really eaten much all day because we expected to eat with the extra time before the bout, HAH....that never happened. We went to bed early after deciding to wait and eat on Sunday since all we could find at night would be chips and junk food. Thankfully I had written down directions to 5 or so different food places in the area for the next day. We went to bed and woke up rather early ready to venture out for some food. But first we took some pictures together at our motel, cheesey but cute.
We hit up a couple of co-op groceries, and tried 2 places to eat and both were closed on Sundays, things werent looking so good, and we were glad we grabbed snacks at the co-op. Finally we headed out to Mint, nestled way out in the middle of nowhere was a little tea house that offered up vegetarian cuisine. When we got to the little town we were a couple of hours early so we walked around checking out different shops. We also found the bridge in Beetlejuice, I swear....
After we finally ate we headed back to NY, it took us 6 hours, and had we known we would pass through Albany on the way home I would have got directions to the Vegan Pizza place there...oh well, when we finally got back to Utica, we decided we were too tired to make something for dinner, so we drove out to Syracuse for some Strong Hearts salads and sandwhiches! The best way to end an odd weekend. I am finally just now catching up on sleep!

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Marjorie Dawson said...

You have tired me out just reading your post! Glad you had a great time!!!!