Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rough Week

TAP TAP, is this thing on?  Where the heck have I been, right?  I had a class all this week, over an hour and a half away, so I was getting up at 5 am, driving there, doing the most boring class ever, then driving back and going to bed.....well its finally over!

During this week of driving and being bored to sleep, it definitley interfered with my Derbying.  Derby practice was Tuesday night, and I was a total zombie when I got there, falling asleep waiting to start.  Once we got rolling I was doing ok, but I had to cut out early so I could sleep before doing it all over again.  When a job is already cutting into my derby time, I know it is going to be a huge problem!  Then of course Thursday on the way home from the incredibly thrilling class, my pickup truck broke down.  So I had to get a ride all the way out there (if Jessis mom werent so awesome, I dont know what I would have done!) and found out the truck will be a lot of money to fix.  CRAP! 

The good news of the week?  The trip home after my final class on Friday...we stopped at Strong Hearts Cafe (as usual) then we went to the LL Bean outlet shop, because Jessis mom thought for sure they would have cheap duffle bags for my gear....and they did!  Mine has someones name embroidered on it, pretty funny...maybe I will become her and take on another personality at times.   Just call me "J. Roush"

Then we were off to a Salvation Army in the middle of nowhere, which can definitley prove to be interesting.  First we found an entire package of little trains, when you open the top there is a balerina dancing inside...totally weird, but Jessis mom had to have them when she saw the entire package of like 10 was only $1.99 HAH  Then I found a gem among uglies in the clothing section, I found 2 pair of sweet cycling shorts that will be amazingly ugly for roller derby.  SCORE!!  As we were leaving I made another find, a shirt with a roller derby pals derby name on it, perfect.  So I snatched that up too along with a couple of awesome books and almost a belly dancing kit, but someone yanked the music cd that came in the kit...bummer.

Between the truck being broken, the class and certification test, and simply just not having enough time to make it, I had to miss advanced practice last night.  I hate missing derby practice!

On the bright side, I got some recommendations for outdoor wheels, and apparently I will first need to win the lottery in order to buy them for myself.  Atleast now I know what I am looking at and need, so I will order these sweet Radar Pure Wheels and a set of Bones Reds bearings!

You will soon see me ripping through your neighborhood on skates, wearing ridiculous bicycle shorts and a mouth guard filled cheesey grin!

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Annabel said...

Oh boy, I'd need too new outdoor wheels for summer... Summer is the only time when we can here in Finland actually practice derby outside, so it would be crucial to get those wheels. I'm also waiting a lottery win.