Thursday, March 4, 2010

Roller Derby Workout Video Review and Giveaway

Last week I was thinking about different workout moves to improve specific "derby muscles" when it dawned on me that I could google "roller derby workout"  What I found was a video made by a derby team in California, The Heartattacks, and I decided to contact them.  When I ordered my video, they sent a video to have a giveaway in my blog!!!  It is your lucky day!

But first, a review of this workout video.  I got on my knee pads and skates and popped in "Roller Derby Workout", it starts out with the same intro as the trailer and goes right into the workouts.  Each section is lead by a Heartattack team member, and targets a specific area of the body.  You can do the workouts in your socks, with skates on, or if you dont skate you can use ankle weights! 

This video is definitly not just for derby girls, anyone who wanted to do it could, and would have a lot of fun doing so.  The first section is warm ups, including the famous "stripper stretch", if you dont know what this is...I guess you will need to order a copy to find out!  Then there is a section for abs (I cant yet do this section with my skates on, just barefoot), a section for your legs, a booty section and then a "fancy footwork" section (that's what I call it, I have no idea what its actually called hah). 

An honest review of this dvd would have me tell you that its awesome!  The exercises are challenging but most anyone could do them, the music is catchy but not distracting, the video is edited well and put together really nicely.  Overall this is in my "everyday" pile of workout dvds, meaning I will do atleast one section of this workout dvd daily!  Today I will do the entire dvd, since I didnt workout yesterday...oh will I feel it later today!



Erica Ortiz said...

Hi there!

I'm eRacer X from Dixie Derby in Huntsville, AL.

I'm super excited about this workout because its from other skaters who know exactly what will benefit us skaters. And any excuse to have my skates on my feet is always a good one!

My favorite animal? Chimps. Smart, funny, and about the most happy-go-lucky animals. What other animals do you know of that can flick boogers at each other and laugh about it?!?

eRacer X --
twitter: eracer_x

Beth said...


I don't have a derby name yet. But I'm thinking about Queen Elizadeath the First. I'm with CNYRD.

I'm really excited about this workout DVD because it's working out with your skates on. I love how it's made by another team, who knows what they're doing and teach us a thing or two.

I have 2 favorite animals. Penguins and Ring Tailed Lemurs. <3


Katie said...

i don't do rollerderby, but i'm super interested in it, and i have a couple of friends who either are derby girls or announcers.

i'm excited about this workout because i'm feeling just so damn 'blah' lately and i need something to get me up off the couch! if this dvd can get me back into springtime-shape, it'll be a miracle.

my favorite animal is the fox.

Kathryn said...

I was on Suburbia Roller Derby's Fresh Meat team and had to stop bc my work schedule didn't allow.

I'm excited about the DVD, bc derby is a crazy awesome workout, so, this will give me the chance to get into derby shape while not being on a team.

My favorite animal is the Pug

Kathryn dot vergo at

Lisa said...

A. I am a fresh meat skater in New Jersey- Jersey Shore Roller Girls! no name yet- still thinking!
B. I like that you canb use your skates as weights- it will make me more skate, used to the skate as an extension at all times...kwim?
C. My fave animal? tough one. I'd have to say manatee, though I love bearcats and capybaras...(and I'm fond of my poodle, too!)

Kelly said...

Hi, I am a derby wannabee - just got some skates and hoping to try out for the Sydney (Australia) RDL in the next round of tryouts (once I remember how to find my centre of gravity on wheels). My derby name will be D'Barkl.

I am excited about this DVD because I need to build up strength in my lower body as part of getting ready to try out.

My favourite animals are pigs, because they are gorgeous, intelligent and curious.

Twitter: @bitebybite

Thanks for this awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ya,

Livid Loquita making a shout out from the lovely state of Vermont playing with the Green Mountain Derby Dames...

I am most excited about this work out video is that I am going to be returning from a serious injury. I dislocated and fractured my ankle in my first bout and I need all the training to come back to the pack...Any strength training will make my skating stronger playing both offensively and defensively. Plus.. You should see my couch shaped behind that looks horrible in a pair of panties.. that is what injuries do..
My favorite animal is a whale..

Elizabeth said...

G'day, I'm another Sydney-sider who's keen to get derbying with Kelly aka D'Barkl. I'm flirting with the name Queen Hellizabeth.

I used to be a rower so have had great leg strength & stamina in the past... this dvd would not only help me recover some of that power but also get me fired up & ready to take on the local derby scene!

My favourite individual animal is my dog Jackpot (who is also thriving on a vegan diet). My favourite species would be fleas because the fact that I kill fleas to protect Jackpot helps keep me a bit humbler about the whole vegan thing.

I'm on twitter at: madforanimals

Cruel said...

hiya. i'm cruel whip, of the circle city socialites in indianapolis, in.

i'm excited to have a workout designed by fellow derby girls. if anyone knows what we need to focus on, it's ladies who've already been through it. plus, i'm pretty excited to see the hot girls in those short shorts.

i'm actually not sure if dinosaurs count as animals, but, if the do, my favorite animal is a t-rex. if they don't, that it would have to be a penguin.

crulewhip at circlecitysocialites dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm Lucretia Slams # 10/6
Of the Babes of Thunder in Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA!!
I'm not going to Lie- I've already seen this workout, but I'm low on cash and would love a workout video of my very own, rather than trying to remember all the moves! The girls are HOT and the music is awesome, but most of all- everyone can do this workout!
My favourite animal is the Okapi
Because no one knows what they are! (google them!) They are an adorable mixture of my two other fave animals (giraffe and zebra), making into one SUPERHUMAN BUTT KICKING STEALTH ZEBRAFFE!
you can contact me @

full of chaos. said...

Greetings and Salutations!

So, of course when i saw this i decided i at least need to give this contest a shot.

Any who.

I am from Pittsburgh, not yet a derby girl, but is aspiring to become one.
My future derby name would be "Oscar de la Hurt Ya" ( for the reason that i am a fashion student.)

I am most excited about this video is the fact that a.) i could potentially get a rockin' bod and b.) the fact that it looks sweet as hell.

My favorite animal is the giraffe. ( when i was in key west, there's this pie shop called the Blond Giraffe, and every time i saw the sign i would tell my mom, "Look a giraffe, I like giraffes." it was quite humorous)


p.s. follow my blog!! :)

Nikkie Mac said...

A. I am not a derby girl :( i would love to be one.

B. I find the workout wicked exciting, cause it just might help me get the balls to find the inner derby girl, that I know is hiding withen me :)

C. Ah, so tough. My favorite animal would have to be a moose. I lived in Maine for awhile.

jandawson said...

A. I'm a Death Track Doll in the Toronto Roller Derby League named Downright Dirty Dawson!
*gives guns show*

B. I would like bigger guns! ha!:)

C. Favourite animal is the cougar because i am one hahaha *paws the air*

D. jan (underscore) dawson (at) hotmail (dot) com

E. i already devoutly follow you :)

werd to yer mother and keep up the great blog, sista!

*hi5s all around*
Downright Dirty Dawson, #z682

Vegbee said...

Hello, thanks for the excellent giveaway!

a) I am with the Harbour City Roller Derby in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

b) I would love this vid because it rains a lot here and getting exercises specific to derby muscles will help me train when I can't practice.

c) My favorite animals are my kids and the damn ants that are invading my kitchen, which I insurrect every 15 minutes. (I am vegan too - do you have friendly way to get rid of ants?)


e) yes, will do

Taylor said...

Hey! I'm trying out for the Minnesota Roller Girls this spring which is why:
A) I don't have a derby name yet.
B) I'm pretty stoked about this video - I need to get in shape to make sure I make the league!
C) I love mongooses. Like roller girls, they're hella fast and way hardcore (these critters eat snakes!)
E) Of course I'll be following this blog!

Monique said...

A: I was part of the Connecticut Roller Girls (as Mo Murda) but had to resign because of my work schedule :(

B: This workout looks awesome!! I do have to say that when I was practicing 2x/week with endurance training and scrimmaging , I was in kick-ass shape and I miss my roller girl body! I miss booty blocking, whipping...*sigh* But yeah, I was definately in shape and with this video, I can get that bod back!

C: My fave animal are cats (yeah yeah) I think they have alot of attitude and are loving-all wrapped up in a ball of fur.


E: you bet your kneepads I will follow this blog

Juggling Vixen said...

Pick me, pick me!

Well I have leave my derby name a secret since I want to use it when I'm ready to try out next year. I was going for DOUBLE D. STRUCTOR but there's a name similar already taken in the database.

I'm mostly excited to have a legitimate reason to wear my skates in the living room! I've been working out but what better way then to something I'm passionate about!

My favorite animal is a sea otter.

and my email is

Thank you!!!

Punky Brewzrrr #0.08 said...

Hello, this is Punky Brewzrr #0.08. I am part of a new forming league in Durango, Colorado, Durango Roller Girls. We are working hard to get WFTDA certified, which also means working our bodies hard.

I am super excited about this workout because I want to be the best skater I can possibly be. As you know this means having serious core strength, which you know the bad ass ladies in the video have, it is inspiring. Anything I can do to keep my body derby fit excites me these days. Derby really has changed my life. I went from having no friends outside of my kid's friends parents and everything revolving around them, to having my own exciting identity full of women that are strong, beautiful, supportive, and just kick ass in general. Derby is more than just a sport, it is a family, a hobby, therapy, exercise, and it feels like you are in some secret kick ass club. I always refer to derby as my fight club. I am in awe of how amazing it is to be part of something so brilliant.

More important though, I really need a way to work off this beer belly that I am getting with all or our extra-curricular activities!

My favorite animal is my dog. She is always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on when life is getting in the way of my derby.

My email is

DangeRass #11 said...

I'm DangeRass from Newcastle Roller Derby League in Australia.

I've been doing the Roller Derby Workout Challenge through their Facebook group and have had some fantastic results! I don't have the video so I've been doing their substitute exercises. I can only imagine how much better it would be with the video! The best about these guys is that they know exactly what skaters need to work on and how to get them there.

Favourite animal is definitely the owl.


Molly said...

I'm Vera Loathin' from the Nottingham Roller Girls in England.

The thing that most excites me about the workout is the prospect of getting an ass as sweet as Estro Jens!

My favourite animal is a leopard - because they definitely know how to dress :)

My email addy is and I will definitely follow this blog - I'm a newbie to both Derby and veganism :)

Jennifer said...

Hey there!! I am Jennifer aka GI-Jen (still working on the name, cause there are a lot of similar ones..) I am with the Amsterdam Derby Dames, well as you can guess in Amsterdam! ;)
We are the first Dutch Roller Derby league, so we are all still learning!!
I think this DVD would be awesome for us, because as I can see so far, it shows you excercises that all our Derby girls (especially me...) could use at home to improve their muscle strenght! And it shows us excercises we could use during our training!

I am not a vegan, but have been a vegetarian for the last 12 years, and my absolute favourite animal is the octupus (got to love the Underwater world!) and cats! Especially my two awesome cats!!

My email is:

Keep on Rollin'!! :)

LucyInDaSky said...

A -Albany All Stars Roller Derby League, Albany, NY - Audrey Deathburn
B - Roller Derby? Workout? They go together? How am I NOT excited?
C - well, I have two favorites. Dolphins and sea otters... Dolphins are really smart and sea otters are just so damn cute
D -
E - doneskies

It's All In The Blog said...


I will be emailing the winner

winners are chosen with a random number generator
thanks everyone for participating, keep your eyes open for future giveaways!

Anonymous said...

Hi.... I skate with Mendo Mayhem in Mendocino County. My name is Loreo Cookie. We are a new team and our first bout ever is April 10th. I am most excited to get a copy of this DVD because although I went from newbie to vet real quick, I feel like I have plateaued. I am looking for something to help get passed the plateau and keep getting better. I think the DVD will do it. I took on roller derby to continue with my exercise regiment and have been in search of a workout video that inspires me. Favorite animal??? Hmmm... maybe our ref Shot No really, it is a cat.
Please help me improve my skills by sharing what you already do with me. You can contact me at I am the newbie rep/coach

Sin Amen Vengeance said...

I am injured and have been out one season...going into two. I want this DVD so bad. It could help me get back in the game sooner than later.

Paul said...

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