Friday, March 19, 2010

My Bum Bum Bum

This weeks practice marked my 7th practice, yippee!  I pushed hard this week, and I always feel like no matter how hard I push Im still behind.  We were doing a lot of endurance drills, and let me tell riding endurance and roller derby indurance....2 different things!  I am using totally different muscles, and my body knows it.  When we were skating in a pack for a super long time (well it seemed that way, could have been like 3 minutes hah) my ankle area muscle got so tight that i couldnt even lift my right leg....clearly I am building new muscles in my ankle area?  Freak! 

This week also marks the week that I can officially start going to the advanced practices!  AWESOME, that means I can practice 3 times a week, which I think will make a huge difference in my skating.  At the advanced practices they will just let me know which drills I am ready for, and for the ones I am not ready to do I can sit and watch and learn.  I feel like the times where my legs are spent or Im too tired to finish the skating drills, that is when I learn a lot about skating.  I can watch the other more advanced folks and get an idea of how they do things and then go back out and skate with those ideas in the back of my mind.  It was also really great on Tuesday watching everyone do a scrimmage toward the end of practice, and also realizing how far folks that I have been skating with have come over the past 7 weeks as well!  Tonight would be a practice, an ADVANCED practice at that, but since the coolest lady in the world had surgery yesterday I will most likely sit this one out and opt to make her loads of brothy vegan goodness!

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OOps, totally forgot the entire point of the post was to say that I did it, I finally fell....and I fell hard.  We were practicing hitting and Doris Doomsday whispered "im gonna knock you over" and you bet your butt she did.....and it wasnt bad at all... What the heck was I so affraid of?  She knocked the pee right out of me, nice hit Miss Doomsday!

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