Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lead Pa-Jammer

Sunday practice was awesome, we worked on a lot of different drills and we even did somewhat of a scrimmage.  It was a sticky skate scrimmage, and the jammers had to use sticky skates when they got to the pack, everyone had to be a jammer.....when I heard that, instant anxiety set in.  But it wasnt so bad, and somehow I weaseled my way into lead jammer.....must have been a fluke hah.  Too bad after I did that I couldnt catch up to the pack worth a crap to score any points, but regardless it made me feel pretty good that I did something I didnt think I could do. 

Roller derby is weird like that, when you first start you are convinced you suck (atleast thats how it works with me and a lot of the women Ive spoken to) and you constantly feel like you arent improving...but next thing you know you are picking up your left leg and getting better at crossovers.  So here is my advice to anyone who is just starting derby, frustration is good, you are setting goals for yourself, and hopefully pushing yourself to reach those goals.  Dont give up, and dont expect to be amazing as soon as you strap those awkward rental skates on!

Ok, enough preaching!!!

Sunday I also found out that the newbies are getting "big sisters of derby" which means someone to ask questions, and someone to generally lookout for us and help us.  AWESOME!  Mine just so happens to be someone Ive already talked to, so that makes it even cooler.

Last night was another practice, and I really enjoyed it because Grambo First Blood just returned from a mens roller derby conference and was sharing a lot of new ideas with us.  Some new hitting and blocking techniques that I cant wait to put into play.....which I think will be easier once we move our practice space today!!!  It seemed like he learned a ton of new "tricks" over the weekend, and I am glad he has a good memory because I sure as crap dont.  Last night was our last practice at our winter space, today we are moving all of the rental skates, rental pads and whatever else to our new space and getting it all setup for practice tomorrow!  First home bout of the season is Saturday, and I cant wait!  I am going to be doing some NSO stuff, which until I am shown how, is totally foreign to me.


Jen said...

Glad to read that frustration is a good thing!!
I am new to Roller Derby, and we just started the first league in the Netherlands.
But I am one of the worst in our team, being a big girl that has not been working out for years, so I lack the neccesary muscle strenth and indurance... But work hard, and I am going to work even harder, cause I love Derby and I want to be a great player some day!
So thanks for this blog! It's awesome to read from other Derby girls around the globe!!

Jen - The Netherlands

Holistically Heather said...

Dont look at it as the worst on the team!!!! Everyone improves at different rates, some people improve a lot in the beginning then hit a plateau, and dont improve for a long time....some people start out slow, and then zoom up....
think of it as derby growth spurts
remember growing up and going thru puberty, roller derby is no different......shit I havnt even got my derby boobies yet, but Ill get there, and so will you.
I highly recommend that derby video I reviewed a while ago, its great, and perfect for people who prefer to look like a dork and workout in the privacy of their own home!