Monday, March 8, 2010

High Fives and Bike Rides

Saturday night I got a message that Sunday was a makeup practice for newbies, heck yeah! I love extra skate time, so I made the plan to set my alarm and DRAG myself out of bed in time to be there by 9:30am Sunday morning. We also had made plans to ride out to Oriskany on our bikes for a little grub Sunday night....
After dragging myself out of bed and barely brushing my teeth I headed down to practice. There weren't many people there for the makeup practice, so it was nice to just work on what I need to work on personally instead of drills as a group. What is it I need to work on? First, I am working on picking up and using my left foot, and favoring my right leg a bit less....second im working on my "sovers" and hopefully upgrading to crossovers in the near future!
Practice went well, I got a bit of help adjusting my toe stops and they seem a lot better, now I just need to get my booty moving and make some toe guards! Apparently someone snapped some incredibly flattering photos of me during practice..and I look oh so happy in them as well hah!

After practice I zoomed right home, had a bite to eat and we headed to Oriskany for dinner...little did we know what was ahead of us. There is an awesome bike trail that goes from the city we live in to a nearby city, which runs along a canal, its a really nice ride and a great way to avoid crazy traffic around here. Well we thought that maybe since we were on our mountain bikes we would do ok...well, we thought wrong ahha... we ended up dragging our bikes behind us thru snow and ice for 2 miles on the trail until we hit an opening and a road that took us to a town with the road we were trying to avoid riding on. It's one of those things where at the time you cant help but laugh, as your shoes fill with water and your hands freeze around your handle bars. Oh, forgot to mention that when I was still riding my bike, I hit a snow bank and fell off my bike, and covered myself in mud...this was the beginning of the ride, by the time we got to my parents for dinner the mud was dried and I looked like a Woodstock reuion reject.

Riding on the busy street AGAINST the wind was interesting and frightening, I am honestly more scared of the traffic in Utica than I was when I lived in Chicago. Atleast in Chicago the drivers are smart enough to know that you SHARE the road with bikes...but thats a whole other story. We rode fast and hard thru gusts of wind that almost knocked us off our bikes, and arrived in a crappy little Upstate NY village that I left and cursed many years ago. We put our soaked gear on my parents pellet stove, ate some dinner, had some laughs, then hopped on our bikes and flew into the night....and ended up right at the Tramontane Cafe, where we quickly slurped down a GIGANTIC mug of water and munched on some delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies, washed those down with a chocolate vegan milkshake before heading back out into the night and finally arriving home...where we promptly snuggled with doggies and a kitty and went to sleep! What a day, glad today is a new day with a new adventure..welcome SPRING!!!


angelvamp13 said...

You can thank MellFire for your pics! At least you look tough :)

It's All In The Blog said...

haha super tuff haha
thanks mel for showing my beautifully angsty side

Vegan Dog's Life said...

You look super cute in your gear! The bike ride would have reduced me to a sobbing, freezing mess, so I'm super impressed! You're a tough cookie, Heather!