Thursday, February 18, 2010

What DOES the mail lady think?

Are you ever mid workout when you realize the mail lady is on your front porch with full view of what you are doing?
Well that's what happened to me's a visual...Me in my tights and sports bra, clad in knee pads...doing knee drop after knee drop in the living room while the dogs watch with curiosity!
If you were the mail lady and looked in, what would you think? Would it even strike you as odd, or do you think mail folks see weird things all of the time? Was she just happy that the dogs were occupied and not barking at her? I guess I will never know, but I will still laugh about it.
Yesterday, I did about 20 minutes of pilates, followed by the knee drop show I put on for my mail lady, and I wrapped that all up with some yoga for abs. Let me tell you, yoga for abs, rocks my world and makes my stomach feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger...well maybe not that ripped but my stomach feels tight.
After cleaning up the house a bit and waiting for my partner to get home from work, a group of us decided to go to a local roller rink for the open
skate. Which let me tell you, was an interesting choice....

I guess being new to derby and skating as a whole, I wasn't really prepared for what I might find at an open skate. Exhibit A shows my reaction to the skates they let you use at the rink, they literally look like someone took some carhartt work boots and glued and/or stapled trucks and wheels from 1970 to the bottom.

I am all up for a challenge, but let me tell you...if I can skate in those babies, I will soar in derby skates. So maybe it was good to experience workboots with trucks taped to the bottom, maybe it will help me grow as a skater...that said, I cant wait until my Vegan Derby skates come in next week!


Gutshot said...

Yeah rentals are experience. It is true though if you can learn to skate on those you can learn to skate on anything. Most of us started on rentals that were probably not even as good as the ones you were using! U can't say that my neighbors have caught be working out yet (Sure they will once the summer comes), but....the first couple of away games I had last year, I would wear my full derby garb going to pit-stops in the thruway, Black Jack would always say I looked like an old school wrestler, which I kinda of dug :).

derby love,

Holistically Heather said...

thats awesome gutshot!!!!
i think we should all loook like old school wrestlers, i just got some red glisteny tights that remind me of old school wrestling hah

nikid said...

You are a nut! Have fun!!! Love the pics!!