Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vegan Riedell Skates For Life

We decided to make a quick trek out to Syracuse yesterday to pickup my skates....I couldnt stand the idea of going to another practice without them...knowing they had already arrived. 
It was like a giant ray of light beamed from within the box when I got to Black Mamba Skate Shop.  I opened the box and BEHOLD, beautiful black skates with pink wheels...and VEGAN!

We literally had to rush to Syracuse and back because Jessi got out of work at 3pm, I had to run home and get my duffle bag of pads and helmet, totally forgetting to grab comfy derby clothing and head out the door. 
We grabbed the skates and just had to swing into Strong Hearts Cafe really quick for some delicious fully loaded TLT (tofu, lettuce, tomato) with pesto...Jessi opted for a chocolate peanut butter shake, but I thought it was a bad idea right before practice.  We woofed down half of our sandwhiches and headed back to Utica, with no time to bring Jessi home.  Jessi had to come to practice with me, and I had to practice in my jeans.....NEVER AGAIN!

I couldnt even get a good stretch in with jeans on, tho Jessi thought it was hillarious and was hoping that my jeans would split while I was stretching. 
I am very frustrated with myself, during practice.  My fear of falling is really making me hit a wall with progression of skills, and I dont know where to go from here or what I can do.  Jessi was telling me that she was watching me and that seemed to be my biggest problem, and I couldnt agree more. 

Jessi said she just wanted to push me over, so I would fall and get over it...but I dont think that would work.  It is difficult coming from the background of absolutely no sports or adventures as a child mom was always really scared I would get hurt so I really didnt get to do much.  As a child you are so much more open to getting hurt, because you dont care, you get up and keep going.  And thats exactly what I need to do.

And for my friends who wanted dorky derby photos asap, I hope these can satisfy you....I tried and tried to take photos with a timer and have my sweet new skates in the photos....not as easy as it looks!


elizabeth said...

YEEEAHHH! Can't wait to get mine.

Vegan Dog's Life said...

They look great, Heather! I love them!

Marjorie Dawson said...

They look amazing. You go girl!!!

Lauren said...

ps... love love love strong hearts

Beth said...

Hi, I love your skates! Do you have toe guards for them? I've been looking everywhere for vegan toe guards for mine. xx

bruta said...

i've had my divines for almost a year and i'm still having trouble breaking them in (with lots of complicated toe and food blisters and ankle bite) *any tips from anyone out there that understands that getting a leather boot is NOT an option?* i'm seriously in tears at the end of practice sometimes.

beth... vixen DeBrawl of the charlottesville derby dames now makes custom vegan toe guards tell her bruta sent ya!
at my local sports shop they had something that looked like this: so i'm using that.
and reidell sends you 2 pairs those "strip shaped" toe guards in clarino when you buy the devines

<3bruta liza

Beth said...

Thank you for your reply Bruta, I shall email Vixen DeBrawl and ask her to make me some toe guards :) I only have R3s as the Divines are really expensive and difficult to get here in the UK, good luck breaking them in! xx

miharu said...

How are the Clarino boots, now that you've been skating with them for a while? My Lynx S2 boots have gotten pretty munched just from a few ventures out into the world, I'd love to hear that the vegan Riedells are more durable.

bruta liza said...

well my skates have definitely held up!! i still have toe blister problems, but that may be my own faulty skating techniques. (and trust me, i've tried every product ever for the blisters) and theoretically my skates should fit as well as they can because i sent tracings of my feet into reidell.
but to go back to your question, i think this material is more durable than leather!