Sunday, February 21, 2010

Take a break from that workout!

After working out Tuesday, then going to practice, and working out Wednesday then going to an open body was begging for a break.
So, what did I do? I lazed around for the last couple of days, did some much needed arranging in my apartment and enjoyed a bit of alone time. Very healing to my mind and achy body. Ill likely get back to working out tomorrow, but will take it easy because Tuesday is another derby practice!
Word on the street (or well on the telephone when I called to ask) is that my vegan derby skates should arrive Monday or Tuesday, heck yeah! The one main problem is, Jessi is working on Monday until 2pm, and if we are going to go to Syracuse we are going to go in style. Which means, we will be eating at Strong Hearts Cafe, only problem is, they close at 6pm on Mondays and Syracuse is an hour drive. So either we rush to Syracuse Monday, assuming the skates come in then, or we have to wait until Wednesday and borrow skates for one last week of practice.
Either way, I can almost smell the leather free glory of a new pair of skates, that will soon be semi-permanantly strapped to my feet! I can just picture it now, slipping my feet into those babies and letting out a big sigh of relief...that I finally have my very own skates!
Until then, I will leave you with a super easy and delicious smoothie recipe!!
Vegan Berry Smoothie
4 Tblsp. hemp protein powder
2 c. frozen fruit ( I only use organic and I like to mix peaches and berries, yum)
1 or 2 frozen bananas (depends on your tastes)
filtered water, especially if you live in Utica, NY..we have sky high lead levels...add water while blending above other ingredients, until you get the desired consistancy!
Now for some add ins that are awesome:
raw cacao powder or nibs
fresh avocado, adds some essential fatty acids
If you are a sweet sweet lover, add a dash of raw agave nectar..but remember agave is sweeter than honey so dont go overboard

I hope you try this shake, its a great picker upper before you work out...Need info on where to get any ingredients I use in recipes, please dont hesitate to ask!

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