Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Squats and Lunges OH MY!

Missing a week of derby sucks, not only do I really enjoy derby but last night I felt like I was starting all over again! I started out wobbly and unsure, and I feel pretty frustrated with I will never catch on to things. But, I am not the type to give up, especially when I really enjoy doing something.

So, what does all of this mean for me? It means now that things are somewhat settling down with family stuff (not really but family returned to work this week, so there will be less things going on) and with me wanting to stay busy....I will be working on my core and squats and lunges! We received a television the other day, until then we didnt have one so I couldnt do my workout since we have a tv it seemed only right that I get a new yoga dvd to go with it. I bought Rodney Yee's Yoga for abs, and its awesome, my abs feel like steel today and I've only done the video once!

I am also hoping to finally have the time to take a fellow derby girls advice and do squats and lunges between practices. Squats and lunges will help me get up without using my hands after a knee drop. Here is a video she sent me of someone demonstrating the proper way to do a lunge:

I also did a little lurking and found another video by the same guy showing the proper way to do a squat!

I am also hoping to get a call that my skates are in sometime soon, I really cant wait to have my own skates and get the feel for them. It will also be easier to go to open skates and whatnot with my own skates. Until next time...squat, lunge, squat, lunge

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