Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Fall and Oh Boy am I feelin' It!

Yes, thats right, I had my first spill, right on my butt...which if you know me is rather cushioned anyway...but I landed just right and I am feeling it this morning!

Last night a fellow derby woman let me borrow a pair of her skates, and they were so much better than the rental skates of the week before. The wheels were wider set for a larger girl such as myself.

I started out super stiff, as I always seem to do (always like I am a pro hah, this is only week 2) once I loosened up a bit it got a lot easier. We did a lot of drills.

We practiced falling on our knees, which I have gotten down the whole falling part its just getting up that I am having trouble with. I need to do lunges and squats and build up my winter legs. (I live in the inner city, and they dont plow very well in poor neighborhoods, therefore I am not riding my bike nearly as much as I did during the winters in Michigan)

We also practiced the T-stop, which I TOTALLY suck at, but everyone is good at something right? Well, the t-stop is not my most charming stop by turning your back foot to the side and forming a "T" with your feet. It is my enemy at this point, but I will conquer the beast that is T stop! We also practiced "Plow" stop, now this is more my style, you spread your legs far apart and use your inner thighs to slow down.. Can we say thunder thighs?

I was just looking for a nice video demonstrating the famous T-stop, but all of them are showcasing what I was told NOT to do hah. Just to give you an idea, here is a lady demonstrating the stops, decently

Then we started working on crossovers, which is where you put your outside leg in front of your other leg when turning a corner (if that makes sense) which I was absoultely awful at when they told us to start doing it around the track. Later on in the practice I actually started doing it a bit without even thinking, HECK YEAH!

We practiced skating with the pack, keeping close to each other and all staying the same pace, I had a bit of trouble with this as I pick up my feet a lot when I skate..gotta work on that, but it will come in time. We also did some weaving in and out of cones, again hopefully that will come in time hah. Some of the more advanced skaters (skating most of their lives) can actually hop over the cones! AWESOME!

Then we did some endurance building training, you skate for 30 seconds slow, then 1 minute fast..I am thinking when I am more sure of myself this will be a lot less daunting. I have the endurance, no problem, but I dont go nearly as fast as the more advanced women..someday...

I asked the woman I borrowed skates from for some ideas on practicing the one knee falls at home between practice and she said lunges and that is what the rest of my week looks like, as soon as my butt feels better after my little spill last night! I hope to have some super dorky photos to share really soon!

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