Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black Mamba Skate Shop

Yesterday we made the trek out to Black Mamba in Syracuse, NY for a day of skating and trying to get more practice time in. 

When we got there it was swamped, there must have been a birthday party going on or something, children of all ages planting their butts on the floor regularly.  Let's just say, its the perfect way to practice weaving.

I learned from a fellow newbie a little something called "sovers"  What the hell are sovers, you might ask....well its the first attempt at a crossover, instead of actually crossing completely over you practice just picking up that foot and getting it in front of the other..and there you have a "sover"

After skating for a couple of hours another person from our derby league showed up, awesome!  I wish I had pictures of us skating, or a photo of the skate rink (I looked online and failed) because I know things are boring without a visual.  But, you can get the picture, hours of skating, a lot of fun being had, "sovers", and sore legs today!

OH, I almost forgot the exchange one of the people I was with had with a little girl, it went a little something like this:
The girl we were with said "Oh, Im sorry" as she almost ran into the small girl, the girl responded with "sorry, you will be sorry when I knock you on your ass"  HAHA, classic


Beth said...

Hahaha. Definitely a classic.

sadisticsapphire said...

Yay! You mentioned 'sovers!!