Friday, January 29, 2010

Stinky Gear...well STINKS, I Bought My Own Gear!!!

Wednesday after some quick running around we decided it would be well worth it to make the trek to Black Mamba, a skate shop out in Syracuse, NY...about an hour away from us.

My main inspiration for this voyage was for non stinky gear of my own, but I wont lie and say that the final push to go before work on a Tuesday wasnt eating lunch at an all vegan cafe! Strong Hearts Cafe is also located in Syracuse, NY and has phenominal cafe type vegan foods! Nothing better than grabbing a bite to eat at an all vegan restraunt after shopping for roller derby gear!

Jessi and I arent avid mall goers at all,so when we arrived at the mall Black Mamba is located in, naturally we parked all the way on the other side of the mall and had to ask directions. Once we found black mamba, we were greeted by the friendly staff, then left alone to look on our own. MAJOR PLUS WITH ME!!! I hate being followed and harped on until I tell them what I am looking for...none of that crap at Black Mamba.

I already had an idea of what type of pads I was interested in after borrowing a fellow skaters the night before. I wanted the top of the line 187 knee pads for sure, no budging on that knees are already kind of messed up from a couple of years ago when I tore my LCL.

I then decided that if I am going to take special care of my knees with pillow like pads, I might as well do my elbows the same favor! So I got matching 187 elbow pads, and a pair of wrist guards as well (not sure what brand, but they look exactly like what I saw everyone using, so they must be decent!)

For the heck of it I took a look around for skates, of course no vegan skates, but they did have the same skates I want in the non vegan variety, so I bought those instead.

HAH, fooled ya, of course I didnt get leather skates! I asked about the beautiful vegan skates I had found online, and of course they could order them for me, I even upgraded to a sturdier plate on the bottom since I am about 200 pounds. Jessi picked my wheels,in pink and the order was placed. I should get my new vegan skates in about 3 weeks, hopefully sooner.

Look at these beauties, soon they will be mine...mwahahahah

Not only was the staff at Black Mamba super friendly but they went above and beyond, one of the women working there does derby as well and went home, got her skates, and met us at Strong Hearts Cafe, so I could try on her skates to make sure I ordered the proper size! They also informed me that since I am a derby girl I receive a 10% discount on all of my gear AND I can skate all day in their indoor rink for $3, instead of the usual $7. Totally awesome, eh? Not only did we get to support a local business, but we got a discount, were treated well, and I can go skate for super cheap. Just to give an idea, the skating rinks in the area that I have called charge $7 for 2 hours of free skate, some only have 1 1/2 hours skate time. Looks like I might take a little road trip out there on a day off, skate my butt off, then eat some more Strong Hearts!!!