Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Im a Vegan Girl In A Roller Derby World

I have been talking to friends for a couple of years about starting to skate on the local roller derby teams, but always made excuses. Well, not so much excuses but I never had money or time. I recently got a super flexible job, that will afford me the money and time. So what was holding me back?

Can you be vegan and do the roller derby?

Inquiring vegan minds want to know these things, so I started my research...because I KNEW that all of the skates I had seen as a child were definitley not vegan! A google search for "vegan roller skates" sent a burst of hope up and down my spine as I waited for the page to load.

The first vegan skates I found were these, more of a boot and looked kind of bulky...I assume would be great for the occassional rink skater.....but I didnt give up!

Look at these beauties! Vegan and much more like the other derby skates I have seen at bouts around the area! Besides they have a super sweet little jingle " You're an animal on the track, your skates shouldn't be! "

Now it is time to order the skates when I get paid tomorrow!

Tonight is my first official practice, last week I went down there just to watch, meet a few of the totally awesome ladies and get an idea of what I am getting myself into! (tho I had already attended a bout before!) Everyone was really friendly and welcoming, it felt like we had been friends for years the way they treated me...so awesome!

Tonight there is an open skate for us newbies followed by their regular practice, so we can see what they do in a practice and get an idea of some of the drills! I am off to get my mouth guard boiled and fit to my face, then its off to work for a couple hours....then its derby time!


Vegan Mama said...

Sounds awesome, Heather...being a roller derby girl! Looking forward to following you on your adventures!
kick ass girlfriend!

silentlotus creations said...

Woot! That is SO effin' cool, Heather! You go, grrl! Roller derby girls are awesome!